The Adoughable Difference is in the Ingredients...



We us only the finest quality flour in the making of our cookie dough. It's heat-treated to provide the smoothest consistency which brings out the best flavor. We know you can taste the difference, and we want every batch of cookie dough to taste like we intended... made with love, from scratch.


fresh eggs

Eggs are the star when it comes to holding cookie dough together! And food safety is always top of mind. We only use the freshest pasteurized eggs, so you can feel more than confident feeding our delicious cookie dough to your entire family - from Great Grandma to your littlest sweet-tooth. We never compromise on quality or the safety of our cookie dough.


real ingredients

We can tell the difference between mass-produced dough and dough made with heart in small batches. We know you can, too. Our commitment is simple... we only use real ingredients, from sources we know and trust, and use them to make the tastiest, freshest cookie dough you've come to know and love from us. Finely ground flour, farm fresh & pasteurized eggs, real cane sugar, and the best chocolate are only some of the ingredients we use - and will continue to use - to bring you the same kind of cookie dough you ate as a kid - real, true, and unforgettably scrumptious.